Credit Card Update

Exciting New Updates to our Credit Cards!

ABEFCU has made changes to its credit card program that will provide the latest in technology and security features.

In February 2023, you should have received a new ABE  Visa/Mastercard (if eligible). If you expected to receive a new credit card and still have not received it, please reach out to us by calling 844-210-0494.

How to activate your new card and create a PIN:

  • You will need to activate your new credit card by calling the number on the activation sticker (888-691-8661) from your primary phone.
  • For PIN users, please call 888-891-2435 to set up a new PIN.

EZCARDINFO has been replaced with MYCARDINFO. Please note the following:

There are two ways to utilize MYCARDINFO to view your balance, transactions and to make a payment:

  • Log into your online banking via for Desktop and Mobile. On your desktop, click the MYCARDINFO tab and that will take you directly to the MYCARDINFO page. On Mobile, click “More” and select MYCARDINFO.
  • Go directly to Create a Log in and Password to access your account information. Your previous log in information for EZCARDINFO will no longer be valid.

 Need to make a payment?

  • Our new payment address is: ABEFCU, PO BOX 37035, Boone, IA 50037-0035.
  • Visit MYCARDINFO to create a payment method and make a payment. Payments can be made using a checking account number and routing number. For added convenience, by utilizing PLAID, you can log into an external financial institution’s online banking, to connect your accounts to make payments.
  • If utilizing an Online Bill Payer to make payments, please delete your current ABEFCU payee information, and create a new payee with your new account # and payment address above.
  • Call 833-574-3475 to make a payment over the phone – please have your routing/transit number along with your account number available.


Scorecard Rewards

  • Your Scorecard Rewards balance will remain the same. Log into to view your account balance and activity.
  • If you haven’t already, you will need to create a new user name and password to log in.
  • Your previous credit card activity will be linked with your new account activity, and you will be able to continue to accrue and redeem rewards.


  • All new credit cards have a new account number, expiration date, and contact phone number. Please be sure to update any monthly subscription services or other recurring charges with your new credit card information.
  • Your current balance, credit limit, and interest rate has automatically transferred to your new credit card.
  • Your new credit card now is Contactless, featuring the latest Tap and Go Technology.
  • Coming Soon – Add your credit card to your Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay).
  • We are now available 24/7 for our credit card members. Need assistance or have questions, call the new phone number located on the back of your card or 844-210-0494.
  • Do you have Credit Report Questions? Contact 516-763-7502 during business hours for inquiries (M-F 9am-5pmEST).

Important notes about

  • You will be required to re-enroll in e-statements.
  • Historical statements will no longer be able to be viewed within the new website. New statements going forward will be able to be accessed.
  • You will be required to re-enter your financial institution information to make a payment.