Go Paperless with E-Statements

E-Statement Testdrive

  1. This process is required to ensure that you can read the E-Statements and notices you receive inside ABE Internet Branch home banking.
  2. Click the “I Agree” button to confirm you meet the minimum requirements and proceed with the testing process.
  3. If your testing is successful, you will receive a pop-up that says “Congratulations”
  4. Close the “Congratulations” pop up and return to this page
  5. Click here to Take the Testdrive now
  6. If test was not successful, your computer is unable to view E-Statements, please do not sign up for E-Statements if you could not pass this test.
  7. If successful please go to the next step.
  8. Logon to the your Internet Branch home banking site and continue the enrollment process
  9. In the Internet Branch site:
    1. Click the Accounts Services tab
    2. Click on View eStatements
    3. Enter you email address and click “I Agree” to receive electronic notices and statements

E-Statements FAQs



What is an E-Statement?

An E-Statement is an electronic version of your statement available online via our Internet Branch on-line banking secure site. You can view and print your statement right from your computer. Avoid the wait for traditional mail and ending paper clutter.

What are the benefits of E-Statements?

  • Faster- usually available the 2nd or 3rd business day of the month. Safer- no worry of your statement being lost or stolen.
  • Help save trees used for paper statements.
  • Cuts down on clutter in your home
  • Conserves energy used to make paper statements
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the delivery of paper statements.
  • You can save the statement to your computer.

Will my E-Statement look the same as my paper statement?

Yes, your E-Statement will look exactly like your paper statement.

When can I view my E-Statements?

Each time we prepare a statement for an account that you have selected for E-Statements, we will send you an email letting you know that it’s available for viewing and or printing.

How do I save my E-Statements for future reference?



You can save them right to your computer if you wish; E-Statements will be stored for a total of 24 months going forward from the first month you receive your E-Statement. If you require a statement that is not available in your E-Statement history please contact your local branch for assistance.

Can I access an E-Statement for all my accounts?

Yes, with the exception of your ABE credit card and HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) statements.

Is there a charge for E-Statements?

There is no charge. E-Statements are FREE!

How do I sign up for E-Statements?

If you have Internet Branch online banking with ABE simply sign in using your User Name and Password. Once you are signed in click on the E-Statement tab located on the bottom left side of the menu which will then take you to a new page and a disclosure titled “AGREEMENT TO RECEIVE PERIODIC STATEMENTS AND NOTICES ELECTRONICALLY”. The final step is to read the disclosure, enter your email address and hit accept.

Is my statement information secure?

Yes, E-Statements offer secure transmission of information through the Internet. Your statements are stored behind firewalls and are transmitted to your internet browser using 128-bit encryption. They can only be accessed with a password you set up and know exclusively.

Will I need a password for my E-Statement?

The only password you will need is the one you use to sign into our Internet Branch online banking system.

Is special software required to view my E-Statement?

Yes. You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your E-Statement; you can download the software for free from our E-Statement page.

Will I be able to print my E-Statements?

Yes. Once you can view your E-Statement you will be able to print your statement just like you print any document on your computer.

What if I change my email address?

You can change your email address by signing into Internet Branch and clicking on the E-Statement tab. Once you are on the E-Statement page click on the Change my email address tab.

How long will it take to set up my E-Statement?

If you are already set up for online banking via our Internet Branch it should take a few minutes to sign up for E-Statements. You will receive an email informing you when your next statement is available for viewing.

Who should I contact if I can’t access my E-Statement?

If you cannot access your E-Statement or forgot your Internet Branch User name or Password please contact your local branch for assistance.

How can I cancel my E-Statement?

You can easily switch back to a paper statement by signing into Internet Branch and clicking on the E-Statements tab and then clicking on “Switch me back to paper statements”.

You will receive paper statements beginning with the next scheduled statement cycle.

If I have multiple account numbers i.e. account #’s 1000, 1001, 1002, do I have to sign up for E-Statements for each account?

Yes. In the example given you must sign up for each account number separately.