Mortgage Payment Assistance

  • Mortgage Payment Assistance


For members who may be experiencing difficulty making their ABE Federal Credit Union mortgage payments:

Life can present challenges from time to time. But by addressing the issues and working together, you may have options to avoid foreclosure.

ABE Federal Credit Union has implemented a modification program for loans on our members’ primary residences in an effort to keep qualified members in their homes.


  • Temporary Mortgage Modification

In order to apply for a temporary mortgage modification, we will need to obtain certain information from you regarding your current household income and expenses. You must submit a hardship request letter detailing the nature of your financial hardship and answer the specific questions outlined in the “Hardship Requirements Letter”.

Click here to view details on the Temporary Mortgage Modification Program.

Click here to view the Hardship Requirements Letter.


Then please submit the following to the credit union:

  • Your hardship request letter detailing your current situation
  • If you were recently laid off, provide supporting documents and your application for unemployment. If already receiving unemployment, your last two unemployment payment stubs
  • If self-employed, a copy of your last Federal tax return, a YTD Profit and Loss Balance Sheet listing assets and liabilities, plus 12 months of business bank statements
  • Current evidence of in-force insurance coverage on the property
  • If you are delinquent on any Real Estate Property Taxes, include the amount you owe
  • If you are delinquent on any Homeowners Association Fees, include the amount you owe
  • A valid physical home address; email address and phone/cell number where we can reach you


Please be aware that after receipt of your hardship request, additional information and/or documentation may be required.



Call American Broadcast Employees Federal Credit Union

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Hours (EST): Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm

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Don’t fall prey to foreclosure rescue scams! There is FREE information available to you on your options

HUD Certified Housing Counseling

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (or HUD) is a U.S. government agency that increases homeownership and supports home buyers. HUD offers free or low-cost counseling throughout the country. You can locate a HUD-certified housing counseling agency by calling toll-free: 800-569-4287.