Digital Wallet

Make the most of your ABE Credit Card by Adding it to your digital wallet!

Making payments just got easier! You can pay online or in stores by utilizing your ABE Credit Card with your Digital Wallet on your smart phone or smart device.

To get started with a digital wallet, first decide which one you want to use. Our VISA and Mastercard Credit Cards now offer the ability to work with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay (VISA only).

If you want to utilize a digital wallet, you’ll need to enter your card information into the app or site of your choice. Your information will then be encrypted and you will only be able to use the wallet when you unlock your device and authorize the wallet’s use.

It’s so easy to use! Open the digital wallet app and hold it up to the card reader so it can transmit the information. Please note that not all retailers accept mobile payments. Look for the contactless payment indicator on the retailer’s point-of-sale system or card reader. The symbol looks like a sideways Wi-Fi icon.


Apple Pay™

You can now use your ABE VISA and Mastercard to make easy payments with ApplePay™! The process is easy, secure and private. Once you enroll your credit or debit card, you can pay at hundreds of retailers with the tap of the button.

Google Pay™

A new home for your ABE VISA. You already use your phone for just about everything. Now you can pay with it, too. Use it in stores, in apps, and online! (Mastercard coming soon)

Samsung Pay™

Use your ABE VISA and Mastercard to make easy payments with Samsung Pay™ on your Samsung Phone! The process is easy, secure and private. Pay anywhere that supports Samsung Pay technology.