To establish a membership with ABE Federal Credit Union, an individual is required to open a Share account with a $5 minimum opening deposit plus a one time membership fee of $2.00


  • Competitive Rate
  • NCUA protection to at least $250,000
  • Share account is the foundation of a healthy savings plan
  • Once you are a member, your family and household members will be eligible for membership
  • As soon as you become a member, you can take advantage of all ABE products and services offered
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Club Accounts

Club accounts allow members to systematically save throughout the year toward a specific goal.

Payroll deduction is a popular and easy way to contribute to these types of accounts

Vacation Club

  • Our Vacation Club Account allows members to save money throughout the year for that special trip or event and matures in the spring.
  • At maturity the funds are transferred automatically to your share account.

Holiday Club

  • Holiday Clubs for end of year holiday gifts mature in the fall.
  • At maturity the funds are transferred automatically to your share account.
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Custodian Account

A popular way of saving for a minor is by is by opening a Custodian Account. The most popular Custodian accounts are Share and Investment Club Certificates.


  • The account is maintained in the name of the minor, you as the custodian, control the account and oversee all activity on the account until the minor reaches the age of majority.
  • When the minor reaches legal adulthood, they have the right to the remaining funds.
  • To open this type of account, you must have the Social Security number for the minor, since the owner of this account will be the minor.
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