Credit Cards

Pack Your Wallet With More Buying Power

Not all credit cards are created equal. Some have higher interest rates. Some have higher annual fees. And some have lower credit limits. You may find that you’re eligible for a higher credit limit with our credit card.

With a higher credit limit, you’ll have more flexibility for purchases, vacations, and cash advances… and you may be able to consolidate other credit card balances as well. You may want to order your Credit Report first to make sure you’re in good standing.

Time to get an ABE Credit Card !!! Whether you wish to open a new account or have an existing account you would like to upgrade.

Simplify and Save

Transfer your high-rate credit card balance from another financial institution to an ABEFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card and get…

6.99% APR* for the life of the transferred balance

To take advantage of this great offer, click below for our balance transfer form or simply call 800-598-0128, option 1.

Click here for 6.99% APR* promotional offer

Don’t have an ABEFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card?  Click here to apply now!

  • Fixed Rate
  • No universal default rate
  • Rates are for purchases and cash advances*
  • 25 day grace period for purchases, If balance is paid in full by due date.
  • 5 day grace period before late fee assessment
  • No balance transfer fee on accounts using checks
  • Free travel and accident insurance
  • Easy access to your information at
  • Platinum members earn score card points
  • No annual fee on the Visa Platinum
  • After the first year, low annual fee of $15.00 for Classic card members

*(Cash advance fee; 2% of the amount advanced)


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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate