Fee-Free CO-OP ATM

ABEFCU members are able to access nearly 30,000 ATMs surcharge-free on the CO-OP ATM Network, which now include 7-Eleven, Costco and Walgreens locations Free of Charge. The CO-OP ATM Network gives you surcharge free access to YOUR money! Through your membership in a credit union participating in the CO-OP ATM Network, you have access to your money at nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the United States and Canada. A surcharge is a “convenience” fee for using many bank ATMs, typically $1.50 or more. In fact, it’s getting harder and harder to find surcharge-free ATMs… unless you are one of the millions of credit union cardholders who have surcharge-free access to ATMs across North America displaying the CO-OP ATM logo. Only credit unions belong to CO-OP ATM Networks, which means more than 20 million credit union members across the US have access to the CO-OP ATM Network with their ATM or Debit cards. Just look for the CO-OP ATM logo on an ATM or click here to find a surcharge-free CO-OP ATM near you. Program 888 748-3266 into your cell phone to locate the nearest surcharge-free CO-OP ATM. ABE Federal Credit Union Members may not deposit cash or checks at non ABE ATMs.   Members who prefer to use apps on their mobile devices can also download the new CO-OP Locator now on Google Play and iTunes stores.