Loan Payment Options




Below are several convenient ways you can make payments to your ABEFCU loan(s).

  • Electronic Payment – ACH Set up a one time payment or schedule recurring payments via your ABEFCU online or mobile banking account. The transfer will be taken from your other financial institution account. Eligible accounts are Savings, Checking, Money Market Savings or Money Market Checking. Select the Additional Services tab once logged into your ABEFCU online or mobile banking account to set up the transfer.


  • Via ABEFCU’s Mobile Banking App.  – Deposit your check into your ABEFCU Savings or Checking account using your smart phone or tablet. Once the funds from your deposited check have been made available, simply transfer to your loan for payment. To access ABEFCU’s Mobile Banking App., do the following: 1. Download our Free Mobile Banking App. from the App Store or Google Play. We are listed as ABEFCU. 2. On the bottom of the app., select Sign up and complete the required information. 3. Select Check Deposit and you are now ready to deposit your check.


  • Via Direct Deposit – When setting up direct deposit to your ABEFCU Savings or Checking account, please be sure to provide your 12-digit account number. To obtain your 12-digit account number, contact any ABEFCU branch during normal business hours. Our routing and transit number is 021484524. Once your funds have been direct deposited, transfer to your loan for payment via ABEFCU’s Online or Mobile Banking. You may also initiate a recurring transfer payment to your loan via Online Banking.


  • At any CO-OP Shared Branch Location – You can make your loan payment at any of our convenient CO-OP Shared Branch Locations. Click on our CO-OP Shared Branch Locator quick link on the front page of our website to locate the CO-OP Shared Branch nearest you.


  • Online Bill Pay – When using an online bill pay service other than ABEFCU’s to pay your loan, just reference your ABEFCU membership and loan ID number and use the mailing address printed on your loan payment coupons. (Coupons not required)


  • Via US Mail – Mail your check or money order to the address printed on your loan payment coupons: PO Box 4002, Ansonia Station, New York, NY 10023. Kindly enclose a coupon with each payment. Checks or money orders should be made payable to ABEFCU.